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Coinal was established by a group of experienced  Real Estate agents and boasts  a team of highly-qualified  professionals.  We would be pleased to be able to advise you in whatever aspects may be needed in order  to facilitate  the commercialization of your real estate projects.  Our company works in three different independent but inter-connected  fields  which allow us to offer comprehensive solutions to developers on  both the National (Spain)  and European level:Image
    • - Marketing and Commercialization of Real Estate Projects
    • - Consulting services for  Real Estate and  Urban Planning
    • - Urban Property Development.



  Marketing and Commercialization of Real Estate Projects  

   Our knowledge of the Real Estate market is without a doubt the reason why the developments sold  by COINAL sell at a much  faster than average rate.  Knowing where the clients are, what motivates them ,what  questions they have and how to effectively reach them is the key to success in any marketing operation in the Real Estate business.Image

   Coinal has  proved  this to be true  in every development  that clients have entrusted us with. Well-studied publicity placed in the proper sources  for each individual case, (Real Estate fairs, the press, radio, billboards, direct marketing, public relations events, etc…) allow us to effectively reach potential clients wherever they may be.

But all our efforts would be to no avail  without a highly-specialized  Sales team which  daily demonstrates its ability to effectively carry out its objectives  in a  professional  manner

  Consulting Services for Urban Planning  

   We know the proper  steps to take in order to ensure that a given project will be approved.  We have extensive experience in integral development of all types of urban projects.  Our job begins with a  market survey  in order to fit the project to the current demands.  This is followed by feasibility, surface, price and  design research , our objective being to obtain the maximum yield and greatest agility in commercialization.  The selection of an objective audience and a correct analysis of expectations will allow us to reach potential clients more efficiently.  When a  project is placed  in our hands, details are not left to chance

  Urban Developments  
  Image   The confidence our clients put in us grows daily.  All of them  feel that COINAL is a trustworthy partner who is involved in all areas of management of each development.  Our collaboration is such that many clients  have asked that we make a contractual agreement to become legal partners, a situation  that happens more and more frequently.

Our clients bring land or capital to the agreement and COINAL takes care of the management and  integral development of the project, assuring satisfactory dividends for our clients´ investments.


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